Unblanoir specializes in campaigning and also offers young creatives a platform. Unblanoir is working towards being a household name in the media, which is why creating a platform is a major goal for Unblanoir.  

As an addition, Unblanoir offers Panel Talks, which will offer a monthly conversation about various topics. From discussing depression to how to host a networking event. Unblanoir wants to get people talking.

To get a serious discussion going Unblanoir will invite professionals to give their opinion, offer advice and host a positive panel talk. The panel talks will also have a fun side, with give aways, chances to win interesting prizes, socializing, drinks and bits, and a very good chance to get to network. Unblanoir feels strongly about the power of networking and getting to know other people/creatives, which is why the panel talks will also offer a possibility to enjoy a drink and talk after the programme.

The panel talks will be announced two months prior to the actual event on social media.
We will also give away tickets for the panel talks regularly. 


Mommy Talks 

The 22nd of September Unblanoir organised Mommy Talks. Mommy Talks was the first edition of Panel Talks! It was a fun, interactive day with cocktails, the exchange of knowledge and experiences and networking! 

We would like to give special thanks to all of our attendees, who really made the event a day to remember! Besides that, we would also like to thank everyone who joined in making Mommy Talks possible.

Take a look at this video to get an impression of the event!