My name is Nabintou Djabi and I am the founder of Unblanoir Est. 2018.


Unblanoir is a combination of Un, Blanc and Noir, which stands for the French words 'unique', 'white' and 'black'. It's a name I created and to me, the name stands for inclusivity and looking beyond skin colour. 


I founded the Creative Agency Unblanoir because I noticed, as a former model myself,  that there is a large number of people with potential who are not given the opportunity to do express themselves creatively, because they do not fit in the 'standard' image of society's beauty standards. Because of this, I had the dream to found a creative agency, where people of all colours, shapes and sizes would be accepted to express their creativity. That was the beginning of Unblanoir. With this creative agency, me and my team aspire to create awareness around political issues. With our events, photoshoots and exhibitions, it is not only our mission to provide a platform for creatives, but also to extend our collective consciousness. We do this in our own Unblanoir fashion. 


I want to give people a chance to show themselves, wherever they come from or whatever they look like. Unblanoir is like a dream come true for me after all these years. A creative agency where I can share my knowledge and experience with upcoming talents. We are currently working with a wide range of models, including a curvy model, a model with albanism and a model with vitiligo among all the fixed models. Besides that, our team consists of young, female entrepeneurs, all with different ethnicities. Unblanoir does not discriminate. That is what makes the our team very unique and one of kind, which is exactly what we aim to be. 

I am especially attracted to the energy that someone radiates, the character behind the picture that someone puts down. This is why Unblanoir does not have fixed requirements or has demands about the appearance of the models. Unblanoir is all about being unique and having the energy to stand out. 


I have worked for months on Unblanoir to get it in its current form, where I mainly used social media in order to connect with models, stylists, make-up artists and other creative minds who recognize themselves in the vision of Unblanoir. Networking is very important for Unblanoir and will always be a part of our vision. Networking is essential to create new ideas, stay up to date and learn from others. Well-know stylist Kim Keizer and make-up artist Teshura Styling have been important names in this process. They have stimulated the development of Unblanoir and my personal one. I presented my idea to both ladies and they immediately agreed with the idea of what I want to achieve.


I have been through personal battles and I have overcome many of them, so I know how difficult it is to create something beautiful coming from a dark space. Unblanoir is built from pain and struggle which is why we aim for growth and reaching goals. Our models, photoshoots and events are perfect in their own unique way. Together we can break the standards, which the society and media calls 'perfection', that are set.

We strive to create a name that people can relate to.  Let us show the world that diversity is reality.


It is never too late to share positivity.